(CP, 2021, Dance, 5 min, CAN/US)

Shot on the island of Easedale off the coast of Scotland, once a slate quarry and now home to only a few remaining residents. A man returns wondering what is left of a promise made to him as a young man long ago.

…what it feels like

(CP, 2016, Dance, 4 min. 8 sec., CAN/USA)

Invoking generations of embodied experiences, …what it feels like gives texture to the trappings of female gender—its material expressions, as well as its silences and solitudes. Without words, the film builds layers of sensory data and visual histories to explore the tensions and legacies we hold within.

“Love the editing. Keeps the flow while constantly surprising with new vantage points. Very hard thing to do  Great cinematography and lighting. The intimacy of the closeups work because they always divulge new information on the character. Never just for show.” – Edouard Lock, LA LA LA, HUMAN STEPS

  • Edmonton International Film Festival, Alberta Canada, October 2018
  • De Montfort University, London UK, April 13, 2018
  • *Finalist, AltFF, Toronto, ON CAN, March 2018
  • *WINNER – Best Director of the Month, AAB Lake View International Film Festival, Punjab India, January 2018
  • *WINNER – Best Film Jim Morrison Would Have Loved, So Limitless and Free Film Festival, Montreal Qc December 2017
  • *FROSTBITE International Indie Festival, Colorado Springs, CO, nov 2017
  • *Nominated, KIN Women’s Film Festival, Yerevin Armenia, November 2017
  • Official Selection, Transylvania Cinema Awards, Romania, November, 2017
  • Official Selection, Frostbite Film Festival, October 2017
  • Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, June 2017
  • Windsor Independent Film Festival, Windsor, USA, December 2016


CP, 2006, Dance, 3 min. 33 sec., CAN/USA)

Naturalistic, beautiful shots, really good editing, convincing on screen talent. Best dance film I’ve seen in a long while.” – Edouard Lock, LA LA LA HUMAN STEPS

“A powerfully provocative short {dance film} in which choreography and camera become equal partners in expressing an emotionally-charged moment.” – About.com 

  • Dance for Camera Vol 2, North American DVD distribution, 2011-current
  • Skylines Dance and Film, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada August 2018
  • Retransmisión, Mexico, August – November 2018
  • DanceBARN Festival, Battle Lake, MN July 24-31, 2018
  • CineCampus, San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 2018
  • Short Cine Fest, May 15, 2018
  • 305 & Havana Int’l Improv Fest, Trinidad, April 21, 2018
  • FAC – FAC Fabrica De Arte Cubano, Havana Cuba, April 27, 2018
  • Miami Dade Black Box Theater, Miami FL, May 5&6, 2018
  • *Finalist, ALTFF, Toronto, ON CAN, March 2018
  • Canada’s World International Film Festival, February 17, 2017
  • Shekino International Independent Film Fest, Ryazanskaya, Tula, Dec. 15, 2016
  • Danssamordnare, Stockholm, Sweden, October 2011
  • RAWArtists, Los Angeles, CA February 2010
  • Dance Camera Istanbul Festival, Istanbul Turkey, 2009
  • SHOOT, Stockholm Sweden, October 2008
  • EDIT, Budapest Hungary, October 2008
  • Danca me Foco, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2008
  • Día Internacional de la Danza, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 29, 2008
  • Dance on Camera, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond LA April, 2008
  • Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, March 2008
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, February 2008
  • Montage 08, Johannesburg, South Africa, February 25, 2008
  • Dance on Camera Festival, Lincoln Center, New York NY, January 4, 2008
  • Dance Screen 2007, The Hague, Holland November 16, 2007
  • Festival Internacional de Videodanza de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov. 6-11, 2007
  • MADance Screen Salon. Toronto, Ontario Canada October 2007
  • Dance Film Festival, MediaNET, Victoria B.C. August 2007
  • Southside Film Festival, Bethlehem, PA, USA, June 19-23 2007
  • Thessalonika Film Festival, VIDEODANCE, Athens Greece, May 18-28, 2007
  • Silver Lake Film Festival, Los Angeles CA May 2007
  • Dance Camera Istanbul, Turkey, April, 2007
  • Cyprus International Film Festival, Greece, April 2007
  • ROMP Dance Festival, Victoria BC, August 2006

Meander, Me and Her

3 min, dance film about a young girl’s day alone supervised only by a camera

  • Manhattan Network Cable TV 1999

DIS, a choreographed Film

7 min, dance film where the camera is choreographer, exploring the dislocated, detachable body.

  • American Dance Festival, Raleigh North Carolina, 1999
  • Video Lounge, VOID, Montreal, 1999
  • Coreografico ellectronico, Napolidanza, Naples, Italy 1998
  • Marin County Festival of Dance, San Rafael CA, 1997
  • Performance Zone, The Field, NYC 1996
  • Studio 303, Montreal, Québec, 1996

Brouhaha Danse,

15 min, documentary on this Montréal Dance Company

  • Bar St Laurent, Montreal Québec 1989
  • Festival International de nouvelle danse (FIND). Montréal, Québec, 1989


As Choreographer

If you look down you go down, 10 min, solo for stage embodying exhilaration of riding a motorcycle

  • Studio 303, Montreal, Qc Nov 1996
  • DanceBlitz Festival, WestBeth, New York 1996
  • Dixon Place, New York, NY 1994
  • Fringe Festival of Independent Dance, Toronto, ON 1994
  • Knot Room, New York, NY 1994
  • Dances for a Small Stage, Toronto, ON 1994

Whine #1 – Abuela, 6 min, a duet examining the presence of an other who walks with faith

  • Studio 303, March 1993

Duke Booty, 15 min, duet with the hip hop energy of missed connections

  • Studio C, Montreal 1993

Whine #1 – Confront, 30 min, an interactive gallery performance

  • Gallery Stornaway, Montreal 1993

Framed Per Second, 4 min, video concerning the medium as a transformer of our image. 1996

  • How Do I Look? Festival Concordia University, 1992
  • Status of Women Committee, Feb. 1992
  • Festival évenement d’art, UQAM. Montréal 1991

IMmediaCY, A Technological Theater, full evening group work about technological metaphors

  • Ars Electronica Festival, Linz Austria, 1992
  • Experimental Intermedia, New York City, 1992
  • Festival 20 jours de théàtre a risque, Musée de la Civilisation du Québec, 1991
  • Artscourt, Ottawa Ont, 1991
  • Musee d’art Contemporain de Montréal, 1991
  • Music Gallery, Great Hall, Toronto, 1991

Windows, solo examining the frustration and violence of a mind that remembers forever.

  • Espace tangent, Agora de la dance, 1992
  • D.B. Clarke Theater, Concordia University 1992

Weak Points, quartet concerning situations and schisms of group actions

  • D.B. Clarke Theater, Concordia University, 1991

Performer Experience, as dancer:

  • Row Boat, video, Julia Mandel, 1996
  • Through the Looking Glass, Ann Bassen, Dixon Place, NY 1994
  • Under the Ceiling, Margarita Guergue, Movement Research-Judson Church, 1994
  • Lifeline, Mabel…Gina Lori Riley Dance enterprises, Chrysler Theater, Windsor, 1993
  • Mustang Cheeks, Tammy Forsythe, Espcae Tangent, Montreal, Artspace, Peterborough, Capital Theater, Windsor 1993
  • PoMo CoMo’s IMmediaCY, International tour, 1990-1992
  • Tour of the City, Pourquoi les rues sont’elles si sombres? Theatre Anima, Hangar #9, Vieux Port, Montréal, 1990