Dance Film

What It Feels Like

Invoking generations of embodied experiences, …what it feels like gives texture to the trappings of female gender—its material expressions, as well as its silences and solitudes. Without words, the film builds layers of sensory data and visual histories to explore the tensions and legacies we hold within. 

(CP, 2016, Dance, 4 min. 8 sec., CAN/USA)

• • •


Shot on the long, lonely high roads of British Columbia, is a powerfully provocative short dance film in which choreography and camera become equal partners in expressing an emotionally-charged moment. 

(CP, 2009, Dance, 5 min. 4 sec., CAN/USA)


– Panel Director, Cinedanse Festival, Montréal, 2012
– Jury Member, Dance For Camera Panel, Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) 
at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, 2009
– Guest Artist, Cohen Festival of New Theater Works, University of Texas, Austin, 2009
Guest Lecturer, SHOOT Dance for Screen Festival, Stockholm, 2008
– Panel Host, Dance on Camera Festival, Lincoln Center Film Society, New York, 2007
– Workshop Director, Festival VideoDanza, Buenos Aires, 2006
– Workshop Director/Curator, Dance for Camera Workshop, Victoria, 2006
– Panel Host, American Dance Festival, Screen Dance Conference, Durham, 2006
– Panel Guest, National Arts Critics Association Conference, Los Angeles, 2005
– Visiting Artist, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, 2004
– Guest Lecturer, Panel Moderator, Moving Pictures Festival, Toronto, 2003
– Guest Lecturer, Dance on Camera Festival, New York, 2000,
– Guest Lecturer, American Dance History, Concordia University, Montréal, 2000
– Jury Member, Dance on Camera Festival, Lincoln Center Film Society, New York, 1997–98 

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